Founded in Prague in 1929, Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA) is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and an official partner of UNESCO (consultation). It gathers people who come from all around the world that contribute to the development of the puppetry art.

The function of Cyprus UNIMA National Centre is to develop links between puppeteers of Cyprus and to maintain a permanent link with the General secretary.

UNIMA aims to:

Stimulate, via all possible forms of communication, contact and exchange between every continent and nation.

Organize congresses, conferences, festivals, exhibitions and competitions, or offer its patronage.

Help members of the Organization in the exercise of their democratic, trades union, financial and legal rights within the framework of their professional activity. UNIMA is able to make recommendations and submit proposals to the competent bodies.

Encourage professional training.

Broaden historical, theoretical and scientific research.

Maintain the traditions of puppetry while encouraging the renewal of the arts of puppetry.

Propose the use of the puppet as a medium of ethical and aesthetic education.

Participate in the work of other organizations with similar aims.



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Support the establishig of UNIMA Cyprus National Center by joining as a member.

Any person interested in puppetry (profesional, amateurs, fans...) can become a member of UNIMA.

To join UNIMA, you have to contact us at info@unimacyprus.org

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